What is included with the $39.99 purchase of a beat?

 - The tagless high quality WAV instrumental (24 bit)

      - The tracked out WAV files (session files to the beat)

- The commercial license agreement                      



What is the commercial license agreement and what rights

does that give me to a beat?

 The commercial license gives you the right to use our beat in your song.

 With the commercial license, you can sell up to 50,000 

digital or physical copies of your song to the beat, use the beat

on the project of your choice (EP, Mixtape, LP etc..), Make a video of 

your song to the beat, receive radio spins, and perform to the beat at shows. If you have any 

questions about uses of the license not listed here please contact

us and we will be happy to assist you. 



Will the tags be removed from the beat after I purchase it?

Yes! All beats that are purchased are received

as a tag-less, high quality (24 bit) WAV file. 



I just purchased a beat, when will I receive it?

After you have purchased a beat, you will instantly recieve

a download link to your beat and the accompanying files. 



I'm putting out a non profit project and want to use a free beat for it, can I?

Not unless you purchase the beat! If you want to use free beats for

non profit projects, we have a section of free beats that are free to use

 for that specific purpose. 



Do you sell exclusive licenses to your beats?

Yes we do! Please contact use via email if you are interested 

in obtaining an exclusive license to one of our beats.



I just bought one of your beats and I see that there is not
a sold stamp on it. Why is that?

Beats are only marked "Sold" when they are purchased exclusively.
If you have any questions about your rights to  your purchase, please

refer to your license agreement or contact us directly.



If I buy multiple beats, do I get a discount?

Possibly. check our home page for current deals and specials that we are

running. If you would like to purchase 10 or more beats, contact us 

directly and we will be sure to give you a quote on a bulk package deal.