Artist Tip of the Day: Perfect your craft

I have had a lot of artists over the years approach me and ask me "how do I get my music heard?" Well, that's a great question. Short answer: Patience and perseverance. Think of all of the artists there are in the world doing exactly what you are doing. Many of which have been grinding it out for years and are still working to have their work heard by the masses. 

Now i know you're eager to get started, and that energy is what is going to drive your passion. There's nothing wrong with that. But my advice to you, before you even start putting your songs on itunes, networking, and sharing your songs on social media, make sure you work on your songs and make sure they are up to par. Listen to the songs that you hear on the radio and study them. Make sure the beats that you are rapping on are up to snuff and that they cater to the subject you are trying to convey. Make sure you have your songs mixed professionally. If you can't mix or don't know how, get someone else to mix your songs for you.

It's tough to do much in the industry without a budget, so make sure you save up, work extra hours at your job, or whatever else you have to do to support your passion/craft. this will make it possible to buy the highest quality beats/instrumentals, studio time, and it will make you be able to pay a professional engineer to mix your tracks. if you like a producer or a beat, buy the beat, support the producer, because without them, you have no song. 

Good luck, and if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again.

Happy Friday everyone, Go Muskies!