The making of the beat "Sonic Boom"


         When I first sat down to make this beat, the first thing I thought of was 2 dope boys in a Cadillac, rollin' down Crenshaw ave. in southern California, Smokin' a fat doob, in the year 1987. but the 2015 version! Low and behold, I had a smash on my hands. The beat is based around an 808 kick drum, that is transposed by 3 semitones, and has some heavy distortion on it. After I went through a few of my 80's drum kits, I found the craziest snare and clap that just blew my mind! Needless to say, they made their way into the mix shortly after. The part of this beat that really makes it a certified old school street classic, is the scratch samples and the vox hits. Once I had all of the elements in place, I knew it was destined to be a hit! Hopefully you will enjoy this beat as much as I enjoyed making it, stay tuned for more beats just like this one!