The Making of the beat "My Hood"


           Often times when a beat comes together as quick and seamlessly as this one did, you know it's gonna be banger. I wanted something basic, but catchy, and also dark. So I started off with a piano and kind of built the instrumental around that. I wanted a nice kick-drum and 808 to ground the beat and a hard clap to compliment the bass. When I went through my sounds, the kick, bass, and clap were slamming together! So I kept it.  I then came in with a vocal and horn stab to add some ear candy. The part that really sets this beat off is the chorus. Everything is a build up to the hook, so when it comes in, you really feel it. Definitely a dope, dark, hood vibe on this one. Hope you like it. Be sure to check out our other beats and more new beats to come!