Big things poppin' for 2018!

So it turns out 1 of our records got selected to feature for a big name artist on a major label. Needless to say were are hype for the opportunity! we Can't wait to share the record with all of you guys once its done. 

In other news, we've been hard at work in the lab and can't wait to share the new stuff we've been working on. The sound were creating is so new, fresh and groundbreaking and we hope you guys like it just as much as we do. 

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to talk about music, hit us up on our email or twitter @theunionbeats . 

bless up! 

The Union Beats x The Beat Menace!

10 New beats have been added by a top producer and fellow partner in production I have been working with recently. His name is Beat Menace and he's got some serious heat. So don't be shy in checking out the records that say "The Union x Beat Menace," those are the ones that he produced. Thanks and stay tuned for more beats of the hip hop, trap, club and R&B variety! 

10 New Beats up!

That's right, 10 new records have been uploaded to the site. Magic, In The Air, The Gift, Act Right, Gravity, 3000, 28 Bars, 90's baby, And chirp. So Sit back, pour yourself up a drink or twist up a smoke, and enjoy! There's More to come soon... 

Artist Tip of the Day: Build Your Brand

Now this is going to take some time, and the truth here is that there are no shortcuts to building a successful hip hop brand as an artist. Was Jigga's empire created overnight? How about Eminem's at interscope? The short answer is no, they were not. It takes consistency, persistence, and a great attitude to build a solid brand, and it shouldn't be a short term goal. 

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the past 5 years, social media is king when it comes to branding and creating a buzz for yourself as a rap, hip hop, trap, or even as an r&b artist. If you haven't done so already, get yourself a twitter page, a facebook fan page, tumblr and whatever else seems to be the new social media wave for independent artists. Make sure your artwork is right, the beats you are rapping on are banging, and tweet and post your songs consistently until you start to see somewhat of a following being created. 

Don't spam. Period. Even if it seems to get you a couple quick followers, it might hurt your brand in the long run. Always post positive ideas or stories about yourself or your camp. No one wants to read about how hard life is being on you. If you are having a rough couple days or week, keep it to yourself and keep trying to shine an inspirational light so that others can feed off of your energy. 

These are just a couple of tips I thought I would share with you all. Stay tuned for more insight! 

Artist Tip of the Day: Perfect your craft

I have had a lot of artists over the years approach me and ask me "how do I get my music heard?" Well, that's a great question. Short answer: Patience and perseverance. Think of all of the artists there are in the world doing exactly what you are doing. Many of which have been grinding it out for years and are still working to have their work heard by the masses. 

Now i know you're eager to get started, and that energy is what is going to drive your passion. There's nothing wrong with that. But my advice to you, before you even start putting your songs on itunes, networking, and sharing your songs on social media, make sure you work on your songs and make sure they are up to par. Listen to the songs that you hear on the radio and study them. Make sure the beats that you are rapping on are up to snuff and that they cater to the subject you are trying to convey. Make sure you have your songs mixed professionally. If you can't mix or don't know how, get someone else to mix your songs for you.

It's tough to do much in the industry without a budget, so make sure you save up, work extra hours at your job, or whatever else you have to do to support your passion/craft. this will make it possible to buy the highest quality beats/instrumentals, studio time, and it will make you be able to pay a professional engineer to mix your tracks. if you like a producer or a beat, buy the beat, support the producer, because without them, you have no song. 

Good luck, and if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again.

Happy Friday everyone, Go Muskies! 

March Madness! Beat Sale

Well everyone, March is already here and were gearing up for another strong season. We've been locked away in the studio all winter cooking up the finest material to bring you all. As a token of our appreciation, we are offering a march madness beat sale. The sale is buy 2 beats, get your third for free. This is the best place to buy instrumentals, rap and hip hop beats online. For sale we have, drake type beats, kendrick, future and all different types so don't be afraid to check us out and purchase your beats today ! 

New Beats up!


Hope everyone is having a great holiday vibe and the music is going strong! Be sure to check out our new beats!

Have a good new year and blessings for another good year in 2016! 

The making of the beat "Caviar Dreams"


Maybach Music. With a twist. What's this beat all about you ask? Dreams. Big ones. Caviar ones. The intro sample comes from an old Flora Purim record, then transitions into some smooth chords when the verse hits. The drums and hats in the verse section help develop the story that the artist is telling, with every 4 bars a new development. The piano really sets the mood in this one, and keeps the focus on what matters most - the feel. While the snare hits and kick drum hold the low end down.  Had a blast making it, hope you enjoy it! 


The making of the beat "Sonic Boom"


         When I first sat down to make this beat, the first thing I thought of was 2 dope boys in a Cadillac, rollin' down Crenshaw ave. in southern California, Smokin' a fat doob, in the year 1987. but the 2015 version! Low and behold, I had a smash on my hands. The beat is based around an 808 kick drum, that is transposed by 3 semitones, and has some heavy distortion on it. After I went through a few of my 80's drum kits, I found the craziest snare and clap that just blew my mind! Needless to say, they made their way into the mix shortly after. The part of this beat that really makes it a certified old school street classic, is the scratch samples and the vox hits. Once I had all of the elements in place, I knew it was destined to be a hit! Hopefully you will enjoy this beat as much as I enjoyed making it, stay tuned for more beats just like this one!


The Making of the beat "My Hood"


           Often times when a beat comes together as quick and seamlessly as this one did, you know it's gonna be banger. I wanted something basic, but catchy, and also dark. So I started off with a piano and kind of built the instrumental around that. I wanted a nice kick-drum and 808 to ground the beat and a hard clap to compliment the bass. When I went through my sounds, the kick, bass, and clap were slamming together! So I kept it.  I then came in with a vocal and horn stab to add some ear candy. The part that really sets this beat off is the chorus. Everything is a build up to the hook, so when it comes in, you really feel it. Definitely a dope, dark, hood vibe on this one. Hope you like it. Be sure to check out our other beats and more new beats to come!