A little about us...

  We are a full service music production company 

based in Cincinnati, Ohio. we offer unrivaled quality in beat production,

mixing/mastering, and graphic design. Experience is where we pride ourselves.

 Our producers combine for over 15 years in the recording industry, and have

 produced for over 500 artists worldwide.


Quality over quantity. We believe that one great beat is better than 20 good beats.

 Every beat we produce is carefully crafted using high-end, outboard analog

 processing, and cutting edge, digital technology to give our product an undeniable pop

 that sets us apart from the rest of the market!


TheUnionBeats.com is the #1 best place to buy rap beats online. The Instrumentals we offer

are first class, and can compete with any beat maker or production team in the marketplace. Our beats

for sale are simply the best, most well produced, and highest quality that you will hear anywhere online,

or in any setting for that matter. We also offer free beats to download, for artists who don't have much

of a budget to work with. If you are looking for instrumentals, beats, or just instrumental beats, be sure to buy beats

from us and give us a chance to produce your next hit! 

Want to know how we get the sound that we do?

Heres a few gems from our gear list:

-Ableton Live

-CLA waves Compressor

-Alan Smart C2 Compressor

- Dual Distressors

-Hypersonic 2

-FM 8

Put your trust in us and we promise not to disappoint! Have a question about a beat? 

Feel free to email us or check out our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page if you have

 a general question. 

Thanks and keep on rocking with The Union. We'll keep the dope beats coming!